The Greatest Hot Dogs in Golf From White Dogs to Polish Sausage, We Salute Them All

Golf. Summer. Hot dogs.

Try and come up with a better trifecta. We’ll wait.

While you’re thinking about it, we’d like to present some of our favorite hot dogs (and not quite hot dogs) found on golf courses across the U.S.A.

The Burger Dog at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California

The most infamous hot dog in golf may not be a hot dog at all. The Olympic’s Burger Dog is really a beef patty formed to fit a toasted hot dog bun and slathered with cheese, onions, pickles and relish. Today, three stands dispense burger dogs across the Olympic Club’s course.

Chili Dogs at Mountain Lake in Lake Wales, Florida

It’s not hard to find hot dogs at golf course snack shacks. But the 11th tee at Florida’s Mountain Lake course serves theirs with a generous helping of chili. It may not improve your subsequent tee off, but it’s good for the soul.

Polish Sausage at the Spring Valley Country Club in Salem, Wisconsin

The Badger State is known for its hearty cuisine, so it’s understandable if a hot dog comes across as a touch too light for local tastes. Remedying that is the Spring Valley Country Club, which provides a meatier upgrade in the form of a Polish sausage between a split bun.

White Hots at the Country Club of Rochester, Rochester, New York

You’re not supposed to call it a hot dog. But the famous “white hots” native to Central and Western New York state are pretty close—they’re basically unsmoked hot dogs, which allows them to retain their white color. And there’s arguably no better place to have one than at the snack shop between the 9th and 10th holes of the Rochester Country Club.

Walter’s, Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, New York

OK, so we might be cheating on this one. Walter’s isn’t situated on golf course property, but it is a five-minute drive from the Winged Foot Golf Club and well worth the stop. The shack, which has been operating for 98 years, serves a custom-blend hot dog that’s cooked with a secret sauce, split down the middle and covered in a house-made mustard.


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