Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Ryan Marshall!

Where are you from?

Elmhurst, IL (Chicago Land Suburbs)

How many candles were on your last birthday cake?


 What brings home the bacon?

I am in sales.

 What’s your dream getaway?

Phuket, Thailand

 How did you become an ambassador for Canoos?

I reached out for a job cause I loved the product concept. Eventually became a ambassador. Still would love a job there (haha)!

 What are your favorite sports (other than golf)?

Baseball and Soccer

 What do you do to help spread the word?

Wear my Canoos on the course and hand out my cards. People love the kicks. I post a few pics on Twitter and Instagram too.

 What about Canoos makes them your footwear of choice?

I like how they don’t look like golf shoes; they are comfortable.  Normal golf shoes feel bulky to me and look terrible with a pair of shorts. They fit my style and work great, too.

If you could play a round with any golfer, past or present, who would it be?

Arnie Palmer, Rory Mac and Bill Murray would be the ultimate foursome.

Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore?


What is your favorite style of Canoos?

Men’s Tour 3.0. I am thinking about the canvas shoes, but I haven’t purchased yet.

If you could design the next Canoos style, what would it look like?

Nike Roshe Style golf shoe


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