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Have you ever seen a golf shoe like that? I mean, that is one beautiful shoe. I love me some golf shoes but they have gotten away from the classic black leather of FootJoys past and have trended more toward racing stripes and other technical colors that look ok on the course but definitely not in the bar.

Canoos is a brand based out of Massachusetts that tries to bring back some classiness to golf shoes by modeling them after docksiders. I really dug the concept and recently tried out their special Walker Cup version with canvas tops.

The real superstar of these shoes (as you can tell I have worn them a bunch) is the mix of soft nubs and softspikes. It gives you the best of both worlds, strategically placed softspikes for stability, nubs for on and off course use.

The shoes work just like normal golf shoes even if they don’t look like golf shoes and that is fantastic. The styling is subtle but classy with some great scripting details from Canoos.

The sizing is spot on (at least for me) and I appreciate that the shoes have a slightly wider toe box which fits my ever growing (apparently?) feet really well.

The rawhide laces do take a little getting used to and definitely are not your traditional shoe laces. Also, I have not tried these out in adverse conditions so I can’t tell you how the canvas holds up on rainy mornings but I look forward to trying them out!

Overall, if you are looking for a different look on the course that is also at home in the bar or the boardroom, definitely check out these shoes!

For more information about Cannos, check them out here:

DisclaimerThese shoes were provided to me as part of being a Cannos Ambassador. That being said, above is my honest review of the product and this is the internet. Take everything with a grain of salt and learn from it what you will.

Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Justin Colella


Where are you from?

Wilmington, MA

How many candles were on your last birthday cake?


What brings home the bacon?

I work for a large financial services company as a Product Manager for their website

What’s your dream getaway?

Traveling through Italy, visiting everywhere from the Amalfi Coast, to Rome, Tuscany and Florence. That includes being able to play 18 over there as well, of course

How did you become an ambassador for Canoos?

I first learned about Canoos after seeing their truck one day while on my train ride to work. After doing some research, I found out they are based out of my hometown, and have an ambassador program. I applied online, and after a couple of interviews here we are today

What are your favorite sports (other than golf)?

Soccer. I’ve played my entire life and was fortunate enough to live my dream of playing in college at Saint Anselm in Manchester, NH

What do you do to help spread the word?

I try to wear Canoos gear as much as possible, both on the course and in the office. I think it’s most effective when the people I talk to can see the logo and product itself. I also maintain a presence on social media, and enjoy telling the Canoos story as well as how I became an Ambassador

What about Canoos makes them your footwear of choice?

Canoos provides an unparalleled blend of comfort, performance and style

If you could play a round with any golfer, past or present, who would it be?

Jordan Speith

Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore?


What is your favorite style of Canoos?

Canoos Tour 2.0

If you could design the next Canoos style, what would it look like?

My ideal Canoos style would look like the Cole Haan 2.zerogrand laser sneaker