“Can You Really Play in Those?”: With a Record Setting 8-under 64, We Rest Our Case.

We spoke with Keith Tyburski who recently set a new unofficial course record at Colgate University’s Seven Oaks Golf Club while wearing a pair of Canoos Tour 2.0 Golf Shoes.

Tell me about your score.

I parred holes 1-4, hole 11 and holes 15-18. In the middle, I kind of went nuts—one eagle, one bogey and seven birdies.

Seven Oaks is your home course, correct?

Yes. I coach golf at Colgate University. Seven Oaks is our home course, and it’s also the course I grew up on. I’ve been playing it my entire life.

What in particular makes Seven Oaks so challenging?

The most challenging component of Seven Oaks is the greens. They have a significant amount of slope and speed. You have to be able to access the green from the correct angle with the correct amount of spin to get close to certain hole locations.

So, it leaves very little room for error when approaching the green.


Did you set out specifically to beat that record? Or did it just sort of happen as you were playing?

No, it just kind of happened. When I went out there I was about as relaxed as you could be. I didn’t have a care in the world. And then I caught fire in the middle of my round. At the end of the day when the numbers were tallied up, I was like, “Holy cow.”

If you had set out with a goal in mind, do you think it would have been more difficult?

Being relaxed and not having any expectations definitely made it easier to achieve. I’m a college coach and I work with players to help them be as competitive as they can be. But for my own, personal golf, I completely disconnect from what I do on the career path. Golf is 100 percent relaxation. I would absolutely agree that being relaxed played a role in my success.

Did you still have a strategy or method that helped you set that record?

I’ve played a lot of rounds at Seven Oaks. And I’ve had a lot of rounds where I’ve gotten pretty far along in terms of getting under pars. As the round progressed and I became aware of what was going on, I thought, “Well, whatever you do, don’t play scared. Whatever the number’s going to be is what the number’s going to be. Just go out there and stay aggressive.”

How does Canoos work for you as a performance shoe?

As a coach, I’m in the office during the day and then I’m at the golf course in the afternoon. The Canoos shoe is great because I’m able to wear a comfortable shoe during the day and then go right to the first tee without changing.

I generate a lot of club head speed when I swing. The conventional thought would be that I need a very structured shoe that would keep me a little more stable, but the Canoos shoe doesn’t compromise one bit.

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